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A. "I am a graduate and have always wanted to work with children with but was unable to do so as I was not trained. So I started voluntary work with SMA and this gave me the experience to apply for the teacher training course; since then I have gone to complete my PGCE and now work as a fulltime qualified teacher."
B. "I enrolled at SMA to gain more knowledge of working with children and how I can support my children and hope that by doing this voluntary work, it will open up more job opportunities for me."
C. "I have a teaching degree but never had any training regarding special needs. I also have a child with special needs. My reason for joining SMA."
D. "I wanted to enhance my CV with something that will be useful to me and have to search for employment."
E. "To further increase my studying skill and knowledge to achieve good grades at GCSE."
F. "I was looking for a way of improving my knowledge about helping children in schools who have some form of Special Educational Needs."
G. "For professional development: To improve my understanding and practice of working with Ethnic minority groups and better chances when job hunting
What might you say to someone who was thinking of enrolling at SMA?
"It is very good and informative, there is a lot of reading and research so make sure you have the time, but there is no time limit which is very helpful."
"Definitely recommend it."
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