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Saturday School
SMA runs weekly on their premises during term time. In addition there is supplementary support such Easter and Summer Holiday Intensive Recovery Classes for exams. SMA provides supplementary education as a Saturday School for over 120 children aged 4 – 18 years of age within the borough of Southwark, targeting the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Community. As an organisation that works with parents and the community to support children and young people at risk of educational failure, social exclusion, those with learning difficulties, behavioural and emotional difficulties, SMA work to support them to access the mainstream education and frontline services through a voluntary extra tuition.
SMA provides supplementary education, supporting English and Maths for Key Stages 1 & 2 & Maths and Science for Key Stages 3 & 4. SMA provides an intervention service to low educational attainment of BME students to correct the disparity that currently exists in mainstream education, whilst supporting the cultural heritage and identity of its students and parents. SMA ensures students receive educational support, enabling them to reach their full potential by developing skills and knowledge, thus making a difference to their lives and improving better life chances.
SMA operates 36 Saturdays per year during term time and provides 2 hours of educational support, in class sizes of 8 students from the hours of 10:30am – 1:30pm (Year 1-8) and 1:30pm to 5:00pm (Year 9-11).

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School based study support
  • Support for pupils taking SATs pupils,
  • Secondary school transfer,
  • Homework support (club)
  • Language awareness support: Yoruba & French
  • After school childcare
  • Pastoral support (mentoring)
  • Family literacy/numeracy club
  • British Education System Club
  • Circle of Friends Project
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Induction of New Arrivals
  • Induction support on the British Education System and the different expectations and behaviours in schools.
  • SMA also provide a follow up on basic language work to support those who are new to English language and those who need to adjust to the accent of English.
  • SMA provides support on self-esteem and confidence by supporting families in developing identity and self worth in their children.
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Home Intervention Service & Home School Links
A good relationship between home and school is crucial to the success of each and every pupil. We work to promote a strong partnership with parents and school through seminars and workshop meetings.


Family Outreach Work
We work with families to provide information and advice about school environment and pastoral support in meeting the emotional social and psychological needs of children and their families.
Encourage parents to discuss such progress with their child subject teacher.
Encourage parents to be active partner at the parent/teacher consultative evenings. Parents are also encouraged to be actively involved in checking planner/homework ‘dairy’ and ‘snapshot’ report, which also provide useful communication between home and school.
Support parents in understanding the education system and be involved in their children education.
Facilitate communication between home and school especially where there are linguistic and cultural differences.
Establishing a network of parents support group forum for pupils who experience behaviour and attendance difficulties. The will forum offer structured opportunities for share experiences and developing strategies for managing behaviour and attendance difficulties. The forum also supports children learning, developing positive partnership with schools and empowers parents improving their own literacy skills.



IT Training and Internet Access
  • IT Training and Internet Access project will raise pupils’ competence in the use of ICT as a learning tool, keyboard skills and ICT related support services.
  • Provide Internet Access to pupils - in particular those preparing coursework and SAT or GCSE examinations to research course work and examination papers.
  • The IT and Internet Access courses include: -
  • Digital Media
Modular courses prepare you for the future if you are looking for job in the music or media industries. The course involves; Multimedia, Flash 4 WebPages Design, Creative DPT, Computer Art.


Basic Skill for Work
Modular courses in basic skills leading to further education and/or work experience.
  • Key Skill (Basic English Computer Skills Maths Matters Personal Development)
  • Office Skills (Microsoft Office – in-depth computer keyboard skills, spreadsheet, database, word processing, mail merge, PowerPoint presentation).
  • Business English
  • Book-Keeping (basic accounts, petty cash…)
  • Personal Development (job search, interview techniques...)
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School Holiday Scheme
  • Summer school
  • Summer Play Scheme
  • Revision.
  • SMA Easter Revision provides a one-week intensive “Test Booster” revision for Key Stage (KS) 1, 2, 3, 4, and GCSE May National Tests.
  • The revision scheme gives children the opportunities to practice answering test papers that are set in the National Test at the end of the KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and GCSE.
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Youth Care and Enrichment Scheme
SMA Youth Care and Enrichment Schemes is to meet the unmet needs of young people not in any form of education, training or employment.
The scheme target excluded or disaffected 13-19 year olds from black and ethnic community groups.
SMA Youth Care and Enrichment Schemes aims to: -
  • raise level of motivation and achievement, particularly for those at risk of disaffection and drop out;
  • many of at-risk students will develop personal confidence and self-esteem;
  • develop basic skill (numeracy, literacy, and IT) and a wide range of life skill key skills  such as ICT, communication, team-building and problem solving;
  • young people will be provided with the strategies and scripts to manage and cope with mainstream education through the following schemes: -
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Outreach work
SMA provides peer education by visiting local schools, colleges, churches and groups of young people in our area. SMA aimed to speak to 700 young people on one-to-one basis and via the production and distribution an outreach information pack.


SMA producing a borough-wide network of clubs for 11-15 year olds at risk of school exclusion – focusing on their successful transition from school to further education or employment


Enriching opportunities for young people
SMA works with schools to identify and focus on children and young people who have potential but need mentoring, guidance and financial assistance. SMA also provides educational or life skill seminars – teaches them how to do interview, do presentations and create a resume; successful jobs search, mentoring and funding sources for continued education.


Creating Opportunities for School leavers
SMA works with in partnership with local authority and business organisations to provide advice on writing a CV and interview to care leavers. SMA also gives practical information on working in different employment sectors.


Young Families Support Group
SMA young parents forum provides avenue for discussion and for sharing concerns and also to provide opportunity for young parents to talk through. Teenage mother forum is reached through series of seminars, informative workshops and training to spread the message of sexual abstinence to teens and preteens. Young women at risk of permanent exclusion from the labour market can access training while their children are looked after by Young Families support project and Training in parenting and basic skill to expand their outlook.


NEET Project
SMA’s most recent projects include the NEET Project, which involved a group of 11 year 9 boys from a local boy’s school.
These boys had been identified as showing low motivation, poor attendance and challenging behaviour.
SMA goal was to challenge students to reflect and reform their behaviour and to engage with their school curriculum



Meeting the Needs of Ethnic Minority Families living with Autism (NEMFLA) is a new and unique project, which will provide free advice and support to Black and Ethnic Minority families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

NEMFLA is a part of St Michael Associates’ (SMA), This Project work across four boroughs: Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich & Bromley to support, encourage, train, and increase levels of confidence in parenting skills.  Services include:

  • Home visits
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • Advice on how to access support services
  • A lending library of toys and books
  • Training and workshops for parents on autism and autism related issues.
  • Trips, fun days and outings for families
  • Network support with other parents
  • Assistance with filling in forms such as Disability Living Allowance
  • An advocacy service

The project work to establish network support groups, which to create opportunities for families in meeting one another and provide emotional support.

Referrals are through a number of sources including Self referral, a friend, Teacher, Health visitor, Minister, GP, Educational Psychologist, Family support worker or Social Worker to get in touch with us on your behalf.




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